Camellia japonica
Broj registra: 
CJ-14-004-001 1
Mjere u cm: 
Cvijet: Ø 10, c= 4.5
List: 8 x 5 cm
Deblo: 8 cm
Opis cvijeta: 
Parkovi d.o.o.
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Upitnik (Prijava obavezna)



004    California

(C.japonica), SCCS, 1942, Classification of Camellias, p.1; Pink semi-double, 12.5cm across. Mid-season blooming. Magnolia Gardens and Nursery Catalogue, 1945-1946; Fendig, 1953, American Camellia Catalogue with colour plate: A large, light rose-red, incomplete double, 10-11 cm in diamter. Petals broad and thick. Stamens central, occasionally interspersed amongst semi-erect petals and petaloids. Filaments, light cream to pink, anthers golden. Mid-season blooming. Foliage, large, round, heavy and dark green, 11.5 cm x 7.5 cm. Midrib recessed, edges turned down, apex stubby, serrations shallow and broad about 4 mm pitch. Medium, compact growth. The original plant was purchased by Harlem Cate, in 1888 at Redondo Pier, Los Angeles, California, from a sailor on a Japanese tramp steamer. It took a name from Durfee Road, Pico, California where the original plant grew until purchased by Ralph Peer and moved to his property, “Park Hill”, Hollywood, California where it still grows. It was originally introduced to the trade under the name California by E.H. Carter, Monterey Park, California. Synonyms: ‘Durfee Road’, ‘Durfee Road Pink’. Black and white photo: Hertrich, 1954, Camellias in the Huntington Gardens, vol.1, p.72 and in Sharp’s Camellias Illustrated, 1948, p.142. Colour photo: Skinner, ed., 1957, Garden Plants in Colour, 50:2.