Camellia Sasanqua
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CS-14-125-026 2
Ivo Dujmić

Upitnik (Prijava obavezna)



124,125,126   Cleopatra

(C.japonica), Hogg, 1839, Magazine of Horticulture, 4:155: A seedling of Floy, this name was subsequently invalidly applied to a C.japonica by Macarthur in Australia and to a C.sasanqua by Sawada in the USA. It has also been used erroneously as a synonym for Moss Point Variegated and Belle Jeanette in the USA. In 1858, van Houtte erroneously gave it as a synonym for Leda. Charles van Geert Catalogue, No.117, 1850, p.4.: Anemone form, blood red. Orthographic error ‘Cleopatre’.