Bernice Boddy

Camellia japonica
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CJ-14-105-006 1
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Park Angiolina - do muzičkog paviljona - poz 4
Borut Borja Kopani
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Upitnik (Prijava obavezna)



105    Bernice Boddy.

Blackwell Nursery Catalogue, 1954-1955. Orthographic error for Berenice Boddy.

 Berenice Boddy. (C.japonica), SCCS, 1947, The Camellia. Its Culture and Nomenclature: Light pink with deeper pink under the petals. Medium large semi-double, about 8 cm across with 5 upright petals in the centre forming a cup around delicate white filaments. Leaves, dark green, lanceolate, base round, somewhat leathery. Plant habit, vigorous, rapid, erect and spreading. Originated at the Rancho del Descanso and developed by Jones, Sierra Madre, California, USA. Named for Mrs Manchester Boddy, wife of the publisher of the Los Angeles Daily News. U.S. Plant Patent No.605. (Fendig, 1953). Orthographic errors: ‘Bernice Boddy’, ‘Bernice Bodley’. Sports: Kathryn Hall, Berenice Boddy Variegated. For colour photo see: Pl. No.11, p.25, Encyclopedia of Camellias in Colour, vol.II, 1978. Chinese synonym: ‘Bonisi Baodi’, formerly ‘Bainisi Baodi’ and ‘Benisi Baodi’.

Berenice Boddy Variegated. (C.japonica), Mark S. Cannon Scion Catalogue, 1962, p.1 as ‘Berenice Boddy Var.’: A virus variegated form of Berenice Boddy - Light pink, blotched white. Originated in USA.